3 more reasons to write a thank you note

3 more reasons to write a thank you note

This post continues the series on why we should write thank you notes. There are many reasons and today’s post will cover three more.

1. Build relationships

Writing a thank you note also allows you to continue building a relationship with the person who gives you the gift. It becomes another point of contact. This can work very well for business contacts. The thank you note can be to thank them for meeting you for lunch or phone conversation. The thank you note could be used as an opportunity to include an invitation to get together again.

2. Appreciation for a gift that changed your life

If you received a gift that changed your life, definitely write the person a thank you note to let them know. The impact may not be realized right away. So this could be your second thank you note as hopefully, you thanked them for the gift when you received it.

This type of gift could be a large sum of money that allowed you to do something otherwise not possible (or at least not as quickly). Perhaps, a down payment for a house.

Or what about a life changing book? For example, I’ve given Dave Ramsey’s The Total Money Makeover book as a wedding gift. The couple’s finances may be in order, but what if they are not? What if they read the book and follow its advice which then has a profound positive impact on their finances. It would be nice to hear about that even if it is many years later. For example, if the book sat on their self for many years unread.

(Note, if you are reading this and received this book from me, I’m not calling you out! I’m using this as an example since Dave’s advice changed my life).

3. It’s polite

I don’t think this one needs any explanation!

What reasons can you add to the list? Perhaps, I will include them in a future reader’s input post.

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